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     2016 & 2018

     Iquitos, Peru

Dear Beloved Partner,

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the abundant blessing and outpouring of His Holy Spirit during Harvest Time Ministries’ recent missionary outreach to Peru’s Iquitos Province! And, I thank the Father of Lights for the generosity of your giving that helped make our trip a wonderfully, fruitful success.

I am writing to you today to share about the marvelous works that our Lord did for the people that we ministered to during our trip to Iquitos. Because of your giving and the giving of our other Partners in our Lord Jesus, my Evangelistic Associate, Rev. Larry Weatherspoon and I were able to minister to the needs of Jesus’s body in that region of Peru.

As a result of our trip, precious Lambs were birthed into the Kingdom of God, sheep who had strayed renewed their commitments to Jesus and the needs of the body (both spiritual as well as physical) were met.

Long before we left, God laid on my heart the need for renewal and restoration of marriages in that region. Pastor Raymon Sahuarico, Senior Pastor of Iglesia Filadelfia, testified to me that his flock was in great need of help and renewal in their marriages.

As a result of that leading, we spent the first three days of our trip (June 4 – June 6) holding a Marriage Seminar on the theme “Saving Your Marriage.” The seminar was well attended. I ministered from Hebrews 11 verse 7 and Matthew 6 verses 32 and 33. God confirmed his word with true repentance and spiritual consecration to the Lord in the lives of both married couples and singles, alike.

God responded wonderfully by saving or redeeming marriages that were in danger of failing. And, several marriages that had actually failed and were in the process of divorce were restored.

In addition, on the 4th and 5th of June, I ministered on the radio and God poured out his Grace and Love to the listeners in the area. During the program, the telephone rang “off the hook” and the station personnel testified that they did not have enough time to help the many callers with their testimonies of healing and salvation which occurred as a result of the broadcasts. I rejoice in each and every one of the healings and the salvations which occurred.


Yes, Our God Saves!

Yes, Our God Heals!

It grieves my heart that so few people respond to His Promises…

… Do you need salvation or healing right now?

If you do, immediately read and meditate on First John 5:14 and 15… Both salvation and healing are DEFINITELY in God’s will for you. The Apostle James, our Lord’s half-brother, said “you have not because you ask not.”

So ask Him, my beloved Brothers and Sisters. God is always faithful and watches over His Word and is quick to perform it.

We ministered the Love of our Lord in three Christian Fellowships in the area on June 6th thru the 8th. These fellowships are sister churches to Iglesia Filadelfia, our host church. During those meetings over 65 souls accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I praise God for his faithfulness!

I remember so vividly, on Saturday morning, the 8th of June, at the third sister church, during the final song of the service… A young girl, maybe 10-years old, rushed forward to the Altar seeking salvation… The song service stopped immediately, and her name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life as she gave her heart and life to Jesus… To the weeping and joy of those in attendance.

I bow my knees to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ from whom flows all spiritual blessings and rejoice that he has been so faithful to pour out his Spirit upon those who Rev. Weatherspoon and I ministered to during this trip.

And, again, thank you so, so much for your generosity that helped make this wonderful experience possible through your faithful giving.

Also, I was privileged to be allowed to minister to the staff of our host church Iglesia Filadelfia, including Pastor Raymon, on the morning of June 7. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurred during that meeting and resulted in fresh dedications of the church workers to keep serving God in their local church.

God is always present, but he was with us in such a special way during our stay in Peru… It awes me how he used my associate Rev. Larry Weatherspoon to lead 6 people to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ while he was getting a haircut at a local barbershop. Larry is a Minister of Worship who, as you can see, has wonderful Evangelistic Anointing. I was privileged to have him Minister in Worship in the services that we held in Iquitos.

The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. Rev. Larry’s Ministry of Celebration, Adoration and Revelation during our stay in Iquitos was so powerful and such a help to me as I ministered from the Bible. When God is already manifesting, and His presence is so strong, it contributes wonderfully to the preaching and teaching of God’s message to the Body in any service that is so blessed.

Finally, before I say goodbye for now, I simply must share with you a Divine Miracle that occurred before Rev. Larry and I left Ohio, but it didn’t manifest until our last meeting with the Pastoral Staff and other Ministers at Iglesia Filadelfia the day before we returned home.

Before we left for Peru, Harvest Time’s Prayer Team Members had prayed that the Lord of the Harvest would provide more than enough money for this trip. Because of our prayers, our Father proved, once again, that He is the “More Than Enough God!”

Because of the Abundance that you and our other Partners gave into this missionary journey, Harvest Time Ministries, Inc., was able to give into the need of Iglesia Filadelfia’s Ministers for much needed food and clothing and similar blessings. Plus, Harvest Time was also able to provide funds to help needy families in the Iquitos area.

Most Americans don’t understand the poverty that is present in many places like Iquitos. Money is in short supply. And, many jobs just don’t provide adequate income to live on. I give to you my heartfelt thanks to you personally for your giving and the giving of our other Missionary Evangelist Partners.

Rev. Larry and I exalt the God and Father of us all that you have a share in this ministry. And, I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus for what you have done as we labored together and have all ministered to the spiritual, physical and financial needs of the Body of our Lord Jesus in the Iquitos region.

God bless you all!

Our Deepest Love to You In Him,


Brother Moolchan “Mark” Seenarine

Missionary Evangelist

Harvest Time Ministries, Inc.

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